Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

A Pie to the Face for the Kids!

M&J Albany employees raised funds to donate to Toys for Tots with a little extra fun wagered in.  The managers in the office agreed to put themselves on the line to encourage more giving.  When a donation was made, a manager’s name was selected.  The manager with the most money in their name had to get pied in the face!  The drive culminated with a happy hour & dinner at Locos on 11/28 with live music provided by Kyle Nichols.

Going into the night, the top three managers were Jay Shirah with $385, Rob Douglas with $310, and Kyle Nichols with $295.  Emily Dent and Aubrie Trotter also had amounts in their names but were unable to attend the event due to work.  As the night went on, more donations were collected.  An early donation of $100 to Rob put him in the lead.  An answering donation to Jay made it a neck and neck race.  The lead went back and forth until the final minutes, when Hays Lacey dropped $100 on Rob to seal his fate, and earn her the right to throw the pie.

After a few failed attempts to sufficiently deliver the pie (due to carrying a toddler that was not impressed by the whole deal), Kyle had to pinch hit and throw the pie for Hays.  After all was said and done, M&J had raised $1,763 for Toys for Tots.  A special thanks goes to Locos for hosting this event and also contributing $400 bringing the total to $2,163.


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