Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Atlanta’s “Biggest Loser”

biggest loser trophy

Some of our employees in the Atlanta office avoided the temptation of indulging in too many busy season treats and managed to lose weight…a great accomplishment any time of the year, but more so impressive during the spring.

“What started as a couple of guys looking to not pack on the extra tax season pounds grew to a total of 16 folks who participated in the competition, which started from the first of the year through April 20th. The total challenge was about 16 weeks and by the end we were all feeling it and ready for it to be over!” – Brian Champ, Manager


How it worked:

At the start, everyone weighed in, threw $50 into a pot, came up with a goal weight for the end of the end of busy season, and let the fun begin! Each participant checked in weekly using a scale in the break room, for consistency.

Employees stayed motivated as 1/4 of the pot prize ($200) would be awarded to the winner at the mid-way point weigh-in, with a final pot prize of $600 awarded to the winner at the end. Brooke Graham took home the $200 mid-way point prize money.


Collectively the group lost 165.7 lbs. for an average loss of .94 lbs. per week. Seven employees lost more than 10 lbs., while six got within 10 lbs. of their goal weight.  One person even exceeded their goal weight.

“That all being said, once the final tax forms had been submitted and with an empty, gargling stomach on weigh-in day, it came down to three people! Like a scene out of the show, “Biggest Loser”, the three climbed on the scale for the final weigh in.” – Brian Champ

Biggest “Losers”

  1. Greg Morgan (27.3 lbs. lost – 13.32%) was declared the winner!
  2. Tommy Forrestal followed very close behind in 2nd (27.3 lbs. lost – 13.06%)
  3. Brooke Graham came in 3rd (19.9 lbs. lost – 12.95%).

A big “way to go” to Greg, Tommy and Brooke for securing the top spots and to everyone who worked so hard. Congratulations to Greg for beating out his competition.

And, thanks to Brian Champ for providing such a detailed update on our “biggest losers.”


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