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Don’t Be a Turkey: Remember GivingTuesday is November 29, 2022

By: Aleisa Howell, CPA

While most Americans are preparing to enjoy Thanksgiving with food, family, friends, and football, a growing number are eagerly anticipating GivingTuesday as well. Celebrated annually on the Tuesday immediately after Thanksgiving Day, GivingTuesday is a newer, but equally joyful tradition—and a perfect way of expressing gratitude for our many blessings in this season of bounty.

GivingTuesday began in 2012 as a day to encourage philanthropy and charitable donations, standing in stark contrast to the extravagant consumerism and binge buying of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It started small, but the custom has exploded in popularity in the years since, inspiring national movements in over 80 countries and hundreds of community-based campaigns located in states throughout the U.S.

The value of GivingTuesday offerings has skyrocketed, too. Donations totaled $2.7 billion in the U.S. alone in 2021, which beat the record-breaking generosity seen in 2020 by 9% and exceeded 2019’s GivingTuesday U.S. totals (also record-breaking) by 37%.

This year GivingTuesday occurs on November 29th, and nonprofit organization leaders are hoping to see another influx of desperately needed funds. Donations from this annual event help them support programs that address everything from homelessness, healthcare access, and food insecurity to education, environmental conservation, and the arts. NFPs make a critical difference to individuals and organizations in every community across the nation, but none of it could happen without the generosity of donors.

GivingTuesday is about more than money, though. Gifts of time, engagement with community volunteer efforts, and even small, individual kindnesses to strangers and neighbors alike are all a part of the movement. The goal is simply focusing on generosity in all its forms, whether that means showing up for someone who could use a helping hand, speaking up for an issue you care about, or paying up to be part of the solution.

For those who want to get more involved but don’t quite know how to start, never fear; there are countless ways that individuals can help make the event even more successful in 2022. The GivingTuesday website offers dozens of ideas (hover over each category to see specific suggestions) that are sure to inspire more, including some that fit your local community perfectly. It is a great topic for conversations with families, friends, and colleagues as well.

And, of course, donating to your nonprofit is a simple and highly rewarding way to celebrate GivingTuesday. You can find thousands of these organizations along with detailed information about their programs, financial performance, and impacts in the communities they serve on the Charity Navigator website.

Mauldin & Jenkins is deeply involved in the nonprofit community. We are privileged to serve numerous NFP organizations as our clients; in addition, the firm has a long history of charitable giving and our professionals devote significant time to volunteering. Given that high level of engagement, we are acutely aware of the challenges nonprofits face and are filled with gratitude and respect for the amazing things they achieve.

We encourage you to support the organization of your choice this GivingTuesday whether through monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or volunteering your time. The entire team at Mauldin & Jenkins wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving season. We hope you find great joy in GivingTuesday, however you choose to celebrate.