Closely Held Business

As a private company with a limited number of principal owners, closely held businesses need professional services that address the best interests of both the business and the individuals involved. The professionals at Mauldin & Jenkins have the practical expertise and technical knowledge to provide the strategic advice and client-focused solutions to closely held business and their owners.

Strategic Advice

By providing traditional accounting and tax services, we not only ensure that our clients meet reporting and compliance requirements, but also help accomplish their personal financial goals.  We help our clients make strategic decisions that affect current cash flow and future wealth accumulation by considering the tough questions:

  • Is your return on investment as high as it could be?
  • Are there ways to minimize personal income tax through actions the business might take?
  • Does the Qualified Business Income deduction apply to your business?
  • Are you accumulating and preserving wealth?
  • How will you realize the value created through your business?
  • Who will run the company after you retire?
  • What impact will this business have on your family’s future generations?

Client-Focused Solutions

The professionals at Mauldin & Jenkins combine experience and education to provide our clients with custom business solutions. Our closely held business clients require an array of advisory services, including:

  • Entity structure analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Buy-sell agreement analysis and review
  • Strategic business planning
  • Succession planning
  • Due diligence and acquisition assistance
  • Exit strategy and analysis
  • Tax deferral through qualified retirement plan vehicles
  • Estate planning
  • Individual tax planning and projections.

Going Further

An integrated service approach that considers your individual needs and the profitability of your business makes sense.  As your business advisor and accountant, Mauldin & Jenkins’ services and expertise allow you to focus on growing your business and achieving your financial goals.