Purpose of Anti-Trafficking Plan (“the Plan”)

The purpose of this Anti-Trafficking Plan is to relay to employees of Mauldin & Jenkins’ (“M&J” or “the Firm”) the conduct prohibited under the Firm’s Plan, the procedure that should be utilized by Firm employees to report violations of the Plan and the actions that may be taken against employees for violations of this Plan.  The Firm’s subcontractors and consultants also must agree to comply with this Plan.

Policies and Procedures

The Firm prohibits the trafficking of persons for labor or sexual servitude as defined by O.C.G.A. §16-5-46, et seq.  To be clear, the Firm prohibits knowingly:

(1)  subjecting an individual to or maintaining an individual in any sexually explicit conduct or performance involving sexually explicit conduct for which anything of value is directly or indirectly given, promised to, or received by any individual, which conduct is induced or obtained: (a) by coercion or deception;(b) from an individual who is under the age of 18 years; (c) from an individual whom the accused believes to be under the age of 18 years; (d) from an individual who has a developmental disability; or (e) from an individual whom the accused believes to have a developmental disability;

(2)  recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing, soliciting, patronizing, or obtaining by any means the activities identified in the preceding Section (1);

(3)  benefiting financially by the sexual servitude of another or by receiving anything of value from the sexual servitude of another; and

(4)  recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing, or obtaining by any means another person for the purpose of securing service of economic or financial value which is performed or provided by such person as a result of coercion or deception.

Further, the Firm prohibits the use of any misleading or fraudulent recruitment practices during the recruitment of employees or offering of employment to employees and shall notify employees in a format and language understandable to the employee the key terms and conditions of employment, including wages and benefits. The Firm also prohibits charging recruitment fees to its employees and prohibits destroying, concealing, confiscating or otherwise denying any employee access to an employee’s identity or immigration documents.

Awareness of the Plan

Upon initial adoption, all Firm employees will be notified of the Plan via a Firm-wide email.  Thereafter, the Firm will send out annual email reminders to all employee directing them to review the Plan.  All new employees will be required to acknowledge their receipt and understanding of the Plan at the time of hire.

Process to Report a Violation

All employees should help to assure that we avoid any conduct prohibited under this Plan. If you feel that you have experienced or witnessed a violation of this Plan by anyone, including employees, supervisors, coworkers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, clients, visitors, customers, or agents, you are to notify immediately (preferably in writing within 24 hours) the HR Director. The address and telephone number for the HR Director is 200 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1700, Atlanta, Georgia and (770) 955-8600. If you are not contacted promptly about your complaint or are not satisfied with the response, you are to re-file it with the HR Director and also send notification of your complaint in writing by certified mail to our Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer at the same address.  In addition, attached is a Notice issued by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation related to human trafficking.  The Firm prohibits unlawful retaliation against anyone who has made a complaint or provides information related to a report of violations of the Plan.


The Firm agrees to cooperate fully with any federal, state or local governmental agencies who are responsible for any investigations, audits or corrective actions relating to any alleged violations of applicable human trafficking laws.

Consequence for Violations

Employees who violate this Plan will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  Employees also must recognize that conduct that violates this Plan also may subject the individual engaging in the violative conduct to criminal prosecution.


Human Trafficking Notice

Are you or someone you know being sold for sex or made/forced to work for little or no pay and cannot leave?

Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888 or the Statewide Georgia Hotline for Human Trafficking at 1-866-ENDHTGA (1-866-363-4842) for help.

All victims of slavery and human trafficking have rights and are protected by international,  federal, and state law. The hotline is:

  • Anonymous and confidential
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Able to provide help, referral to services, training, and general information
  • Accessible in 170 languages
  • Operated by a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization
  • Toll free


¿Usted o alguien a quien conoce está siendo vendidopor sexo u obligado/forzado a trabajar por poca oninguna paga y no puede escapar?

Llame al Centro Nacional de Recursos Contra el Tráfico de Personas (National Human Trafficking Resource Center) al 1-888-373-7888, o a la Línea de Asistencia Telefónica Contra el Tráfico de Personas de Georgia (Georgia Hotline for Human Trafficking) al 1-866-ENDHTGA (1-866-363-4842) para obtener ayuda.

Todas las víctimas de la esclavitud y el tráfico de personas tienen derechos y están protegidas por las leyes internacionales, federales y estatales. La línea de asistencia telefónica:

  • Es anónima y confidencial
  • Está disponible las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana
  • Puede ofrecer asistencia, recomendación de servicios, capacitación e información general
  • Es accesible en 170 idiomas
  • Es operada por una organización no gubernamental, sin fines de lucro
  • Es un número de llamada gratuita