MJ Nonprofit Advisors

SERVE. It is a significant word with many definitions: to provide, to answer, to nurture, to steward, even to facilitate or shape.  We created MJ Nonprofit Advisors for one reason: to SERVE you by helping you succeed in fulfilling your mission.  Period.  Our dedicated team appreciates the passion you have for those you serve because we share in your passion for helping our community thrive.  We seek to understand your unique programs by listening to your mission and the challenges and goals you have, and then we work along your side to help you to develop actionable solutions to facilitate your success.

As part of our commitment to develop a partnership with you, MJ Nonprofit Advisors is led by a seasoned executive who brings over 25 years of dedicated financial advisory experience, including over a decade serving in senior leadership roles with fast-growing nonprofit organizations. In addition, we are able to harness the breadth and depth of our partners combined over 100 years of experience advising nonprofits to assist in meeting the challenges that growth brings about.

Whether we can assist you by shaping strategic financial solutions to enhance outcomes that align with your program goals, or by tactically providing dynamic dashboards which help key stakeholders optimize decisions by knowing what they need to know when they need to know it, or simply delivering essential accounting office functions efficiently, our people and the solutions they provide, are tailored to meet your unique needs.

MJ Nonprofit Advisor solutions:

  • Customized CFO engagement solutions
  • Creation of a viable strategic financial plan which aligns mission, facility plans, and operational goals
  • Dashboard reporting AND implication analysis
  • Capital campaign impact analysis
  • Audit preparation assistance
  • Assist in formulating fiscal processes such as:
    • cash reserve policies,
    • internal controls, or
    • a meaningful budget process.
  • Developing ideal debt structure and facilitation
  • Managing the month/quarter/annual fiscal closing process
  • Tailored forecast models
  • Streamline Board or Finance meeting preparation
  • Project management and facilitation
  • Accounting office functions such as invoice processing or recording general ledger activity
  • Designing efficient, technology-driven accounting solutions which save you time and resources
  • Other special projects that can help you achieve mission success


Together We Can Do Anything

Our focus will always be on you and your needs. And, when we keep the focus on you, we are compelled to dig deeper - understand the nuances of your business and industry, and the priorities of your stakeholders. We view our role as a proactive one — providing support and seeking to help you address challenges and uncover opportunities. At the end of the day, it’s about helping you feel confident in the strategic actions you take and the decisions you make.


We look forward to serving you. Please contact Chris Fields at 770-541-5435 or cfields@mjcpa.com.

Consulting & Advisory Professional