About Us


The Firm is in the business of providing professional services to help our clients achieve their objectives while fulfilling our obligations to the public.

“We do things right and do the right things!”




  1. Quality Work – We will maintain our history and culture of providing quality professional service to our clients while serving the public interest.

  2. Ownership Culture – We are fully committed to our responsibility for our work quality, our financial performance, and our Firm’s progress.  We will maintain capital levels that require our Members to have “skin in the game.”

  3. Integrity – We will consistently take actions that promote trust and integrity in our dealings both in and outside the Firm. 

  4. Firm Focus – Our objectives will center on the Firm and not the individual.  We institutionalize our client service and our practice so that the long term security of the Firm is protected, and as a result, the individual is also. 

  5. Fairness – We are committed to the fair treatment for our Members, our staff, and our clients. 

  6. Stewardship – Our Members will be good stewards of the Firm and will leave a multi-generational legacy of success.

  7. Community Service – We are committed to serving and providing leadership to our profession, our industries, the university systems, and our communities.

  8. High Performance – We are committed to long-term high performance standards and results.

  9. Risk Management – We will exercise prudent risk tolerance through effective risk management. 

  10. Our People – We will work to attract, develop, train, utilize and retain the best and brightest people.