international Tax

Expanding your business abroad requires many considerations. Between ever-changing foreign and domestic tax rules and heightened operational risk, you want to ensure that you have an expert team in your corner who can help you maximize your global investment, minimize your worldwide effective tax rate, and stay compliant.




Our professionals have the expertise you need to succeed in your global endeavors. International tax services we provide include:

  • Inbound and outbound international tax planning, to fully realize global opportunities
  • Global business expansion/retraction strategizing to optimize organizational structure
  • Transaction advisory services to contain risk when acquiring/disposing of operations 
  • Treaty analysis to avoid Permanent Establishment creation and reduce withholding taxes
  • Foreign tax credit planning to mitigate double taxation from foreign jurisdictions
  • U.S. expatriate guidance to ameliorate employment taxes related to overseas assignments
  • Examining foreign-involved trusts, estates, and gifts to minimize taxes on U.S. beneficiaries
  • Analyzing state & local tax laws to mitigate the consequences of international activities
  • Preparing all required foreign and domestic tax filings and financial reportings

Conducting financial and governmental regulatory audits related to inbound operations

Global Perspective & International Experience

International commerce demands a trusted advisor who can help you navigate cultural norms and conduct business fluidly across the globe. Beyond our global business expertise, we collaborate with members of our accounting alliance, consisting of nearly 90 diverse member firms with diverse accounting, consulting, and professional service experience. 

No matter where you are or where you want to go, we can guide you. Contact us to learn more about our international tax services.