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Are you interested in Public Accounting and learning more about Mauldin & Jenkins? Our Summer Leadership Program is a two-day event designed to provide a great opportunity to help a candidate learn more about M&J and what we have to offer for internships and full-time positions. To learn more about SLP, click the button below. 

Mauldin & Jenkins

We have a competitive Internship program that offers a unique opportunity to learn, grow and advance. As an intern, candidates will receive invaluable experience by working directly with partners, managers and accounting staff who will provide you with leadership and guidance on all aspects of the profession. 


At Mauldin & Jenkins, it is our goal to expose new staff to every aspect of our practice. When you join as a Staff Accountant, you will become a true expert in the field of accounting working with clients in a range of industries, such as financial institutions, healthcare, government, non-profit, manufacturing and more. We want you to have exposure to all of the industries that we serve. This diverse experience is the basis for specialization and consulting later in your career.  

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Abigail Moon

Abigail is our Campus Recruiter at Mauldin & Jenkins. Serving over 10 campuses, she specializes in recruiting interns, entry-level staff, and participants for our Summer Leadership Program.

"I love investing in students and seeing them develop as professionals. Want to see what a career at Mauldin & Jenkins could mean for you? - Let's connect."

Jasmine is a Campus Recruiter at Mauldin & Jenkins and she loves working with students and watching them succeed. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Valdosta State University and a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University. With over seven years of professional experience, including three years working as a career counselor in the university setting, Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge on career and professional development and is excited to connect with you!

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When do you hire new graduates and interns?

Our recruiting season starts in the Fall for candidates looking to start a role in the following year. We hire on a rolling basis.

Do you only hire summer interns?

We have interns in the Fall, Spring and Summer – depending on the need and the office location.

Do you convert interns to full time after graduation?

We extend full-time offers on a case-by-case basis, pending our hiring needs.

Where are your entry-level and internships based?

Atlanta, Albany, Columbia, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Macon, Bradenton, & Savannah (Full-Time only)

How long are your internships?

Internships are usually 10 weeks. An option to extend the internship is possible and reviewed case-by-case.

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