Mauldin & Jenkins offers customized services based on your organization's unique objectives, ranging from fully outsourced internal audit to assistance establishing an internal audit program. Our goals are to improve risk assessment, enhance efficiency, add value, and reduce overall costs. Risk identification and management have become critical for safeguarding your organization against potential threats. 

Internal audit today

Today's tougher regulations and higher expectations by stakeholders mean that organizations need to demonstrate greater discipline, control and responsibility. Internal Audit has moved from purely compliance-based to being a strategic asset to drive business performance. Regular reviews of controls using tools designed to identify trends in a rapidly changing environment impact growth and keep an organization moving towards success.  Mauldin & Jenkins is committed to compliance with all audit requirements and standards. We provide the highest quality of audit service to our clients by placing experienced partners and staff in the field, maintaining open lines of communication, and by minimizing the disruption of operations during an audit.

risk management

Internal Auditors work with management to systematically review operations, improving an organization's governance, risk management and management controls. These procedures are aimed at identifying how well risks are managed including whether the right processes are in place, and whether the agreed-upon procedures are being followed.  Reports provide insight based on analysis and assessments of data and processes.

Risk management procedures span across all areas of an organization from financial control and IT to an organization's culture and ethics. Any aspect that has an impact on the effective operation of the organization may be included in the scope.

loan review

Identifying and addressing credit risk requires a great deal of effort. Organizations must ensure to establish and follow internal credit risk rating policies while aligning with evolving regulatory standards and economic pressures. Mauldin & Jenkins provide outsourced and co-sourced loan review services, reviews of credit administration processes and controls, and other customized services based on our clients' needs and concerns.