Partners & Leadership

Many factors contribute to the success of a firm.  For M&J, leadership has been a strong contributing factor since the Firm began in 1918.  Our managing partners and leadership teams have sustained our success through good times and bad.  Our leadership teams make sure the Firm’s culture of quality service is maintained through difficult economic times, technical shifts in tax, accounting and auditing requirements, and niche practice success and failure.  Maintaining our core value of stewardship, that is leaving the Firm better than when you found it, has been a focus of every M&J leadership team through history.  By consistently providing opportunities for the next generation,the Firm enjoys a multi-generational legacy of success.

Mauldin & Jenkins hanson borders

Hanson Borders

Managing Partner

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Chris Anderson 1

Chris Anderson

Partner In Charge - North AL

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linda corty mauldin & jenkins

Linda Corty

Partner In Charge - Macon

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Bill Curtis 3

Bill Curtis

Partner In Charge - Birmingham

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Jeff Fucito 5

Jeff Fucito

Partner In Charge - Atlanta & Sandy Springs

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Ryan Inlow 7

Ryan Inlow

Partner In Charge - Albany

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Tim Lyons 9

Tim Lyons

Partner In Charge - Columbia & Raleigh

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Wade Sansbury 11

Wade Sansbury

Partner In Charge - Bradenton & Sarasota

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Frank A. Slotin 13

Frank A. Slotin

Partner In Charge - Savannah

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Mauldin & Jenkins jim vaughn

Jim Vaughn

Partner In Charge - Chattanooga

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Ross Cannon 15

Ross Cannon

Partner, Healthcare Practice Leader

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Adam Fraley 17

Adam Fraley

Partner, Governmental Practice Leader

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Andrew Glenn 19

Andrew Glenn

Partner, Assurance Chair

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Aleisa Howell 21

Aleisa Howell

Partner, Nonprofit Practice Leader

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Mauldin & Jenkins ron marshall

Ron Marshall

Partner, Tax Chair

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Mauldin & Jenkins ron mitchell

Ron Mitchell

Partner, Financial Institutions Practice Leader

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Jon Schultz 23

Jon Schultz

Partner, Education Practice Leader

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kristen lord mauldin & jenkins

Kristen Lord

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

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Partner Miller Edwards

Miller Edwards


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Daniel Anderson 25

Daniel Anderson


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Cecil Armstrong 27

Cecil Armstrong


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