For many decades, Mauldin & Jenkins has provided accounting, audit, and tax services to a range of construction industry clients throughout the Southeast. These clients represent construction categories including general building contractors (commercial and residential), heavy construction, remodeling, and several classes of specialty contractors, such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, roofing, and sheet metal work.

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Expert Approach

The construction industry not only has its own unique issues but also requires specialized knowledge and application. Most construction companies are required to have audited or reviewed financial statements, and therefore need a CPA with an expert understanding of the industry. The American Institute of CPAs has identified major risks associated with the audit of a construction company, and our audit approach addresses these identified risks.

  • Dynamic and diverse laws in different states and countries
  • Contract and tort liabilities
  • Financing and capital availability
  • Environmental issues
  • Key employee retention
  • Ownership and management succession issues
  • Dependence on key customers
  • Employee benefit costs
  • Economic changes
  • Licensing and regulatory approvals

Related Services

In addition, construction clients require a wide array of financial services, including compilations, tax planning and preparation, internal control systems, budgeting, profitability consulting, information systems consulting, and succession planning. The dedicated and committed team at Mauldin & Jenkins is qualified to provide these specific construction-related services and more.

  • Bonding and surety consultation
  • Construction software selection
  • Cost segregation
  • Licensing and prequalification
  • Cost certifications
  • Equipment acquisition analysis
  • Planning for long-term contract tax regulations
  • Analyzing contract estimates
  • Construction tax planning
  • Bank consultation
  • Claim resolution

Mauldin & Jenkins recognizes that a contributing factor to long-term success in the construction industry is the development of ongoing and trusted relationships with professionals. To facilitate this, our high quality audit, comprehensive accounting and financial services allow our clients to focus on their construction projects and company’s success.

Going Further

An integrated service approach that considers your individual needs and the profitability of your business makes sense.  As your business advisor and accountant, Mauldin & Jenkins’ services and expertise allow you to focus on the evolving construction industry and achieving your financial goals.

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