Manufacturing has changed significantly since Mauldin & Jenkins began providing services to textile mills and sawmills 100 years ago. The services we provide have evolved to meet the challenges currently faced by manufacturers and distributors. From assistance with obtaining lucrative tax credits to assisting with evaluating off-shore possibilities, we provide cost-effective solutions and expert advice to help manage your manufacturing financial operations with ease.


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Evolving Practices

Working with manufacturers and distributors for generations has given us the experience to assist clients as new technologies and markets emerge. Like our clients, we continue to change, adapt and grow.  Our dedicated professionals can be a valuable resource to your business by working closely with you and your management team to determine the most effective ways to manage your resources.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing tailored financial reporting, consulting, and tax compliance services for manufacturing companies. We offer personalized solutions to address your specific challenges and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence and peace of mind. Let us help turn the challenges you face in an ever-changing market into opportunities.

Services we provide to manufacturing companies include:

Consulting & advisory services

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Cost Accounting

Gain insight into your cost structures, understand deviations from your expected costs, and make better-informed decisions to control costs and enhance your overall profitability.

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Profitability Consulting

We’ll work with you to analyze your revenue streams, identify opportunities for growth, and find opportunities for increased profitability.

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Cost methodologies

Our professionals help you to analyze, allocate, and manage costs effectively, leading to more effective operational efficiencies.

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Business and strategic planning

Enhance your competitiveness and develop long-term financial strategies to drive growth and profitability. From industry benchmarking to international expansion considerations, you’ll be able to capitalize on growth opportunities and stand out from the competition.

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Merger & acquisition analysis and consulting

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that you’ll be aware of the risks and opportunities involved in a transaction. We’ll also help you understand the pros and cons of each choice made during the entire transaction lifecycle, and our innovative solutions will ensure that you’re making the right decision for your manufacturing business.

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Information systems consulting

Leverage technology to improve your overall operations, drive innovation, and ensure you have the right systems in place to meet your business objectives.

Assistance with Tax Issues

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Income tax planning & return preparation

Our professionals treat your individual and business planning needs with the utmost care and attention to detail, to help you successfully achieve your financial goals.

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Multi-state income tax and state sales tax

Navigate complex state tax regulations and minimize compliance risks and liabilities across all of your operations. 

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Property tax

We’ll help you save money by avoiding overpayment of property taxes and ensuring complete, timely compliance with all applicable tax authorities.

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Freeport exemption

We’ll work with you to analyze and apply for relevant Freeport exemptions, which can eliminate or lessen property taxes on certain goods.

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Research and development credits

Unlock substantial tax savings by identifying and claiming eligible R&D credits

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Other State and Federal tax credits

We’ll work with you to apply for relevant tax credits for your business

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Qualified business income deduction consulting

Our professionals can help determine your eligibility and calculate this deduction for maximum benefit. 

Additional services

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Outsourced Accounting & CFO Navigator

As your business matures, your financials become more complex, and you may need expert insight to continue to grow. Our professionals provide high-quality outsourced CFO and Accounting Services for growth-oriented businesses, letting them focus on what they do best without worrying about keeping track of complicated financials.


Assurance Services

We work closely with manufacturing companies to navigate complex attestation and agreed-upon procedure engagements with ease. 

Going Further

Mauldin & Jenkins recognizes that a contributing factor to long-term success in the manufacturing industry is the development of trusted relationships with professionals. To facilitate this, our high-quality, comprehensive accounting and financial services allow our clients to focus on their continuing evolution and the company’s success.

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Jameson Miller

Technology Services Practice Leader | Partner

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Jon Schultz Mauldin & Jenkins

Jon Schultz

Education Practice Leader | Partner

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Jeff Dorris

Specialty Tax Practice Leader | Partner

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