Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Mauldin & Jenkins, we believe the word inclusive should apply to everything we do. We strive to produce a workplace where everyone feels like their differences are celebrated and valued. We embrace the uniqueness of all of our employees because an environment where people are embraced regardless of their background is an environment where people thrive.

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Mauldin & Jenkins is comprised of a diverse workforce. We provide an environment where we value perspectives from all walks of life and culture. We promote a work-life balance that allows our employees to celebrate what makes them unique.

Sharing insights and experiences is a key factor in promoting diversity at Mauldin & Jenkins. We care about each and every one of our employees and value providing opportunities for our staff members to grow as individuals and in their respective careers.

Mauldin & Jenkins top accounting firm
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Mauldin & Jenkins provides opportunities for individuals to attend events and hear from other diverse leaders in the accounting industry, as well as mentorship opportunities for employees to help grow our workplace culture. We believe that by offering and promoting opportunities both internally and externally, together we can make a difference in our organization and in our communities.

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