Private Client Services

Growing your business is a key priority for closely held companies, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals. Thinking more strategically and leveraging knowledge about industry trends, process improvement, expansion, and controls may help position you for long-term growth. Our Private Client Services Group is keenly focused on these issues and provides assurance, advisory, and tax services to entrepreneurs and their closely held companies. This concept is an integrated service approach that considers your individual needs and the profitability of your company. At M&J, we are committed to developing a partnership with you to help you succeed.  As your business advisor and accountant, our services and expertise allow you to focus on growing your business and achieving your financial goals.


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Assurance & Advisory Services

In today’s environment, a quality audit can prepare you to better manage the risk associated with a myriad of issues you may encounter, such as building and sustaining a strong financial foundation, pursuing various  financing options and strategic transaction alternatives, and implementing and sustaining business policies and procedures, to name a few.

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Closely held businesses have assurance needs that often don’t require an audit. Compilations and reviews are alternatives to audit engagements that require less time and resources. The purpose of these alternatives is to enhance the credibility and reliability of a company’s financial statements when regulators, lenders, suppliers, or others request the participation of an external CPA.

With attestation engagements, we provide conclusions that confirm the reliability of written information requested of you, or used by third parties.  In these engagements, we provide independent verification of information, other than financial statements, by examining, reviewing or applying agreed-upon procedures to the subject matter at hand — for example: determining your compliance with a contract or collection of receivables.

Business advisory services extend beyond the more traditional assurance services. They involve much more in-depth consultations on topics such as business succession planning, evaluating various performance standards of a business, exit strategy and analysis, and many other areas in which we can share our expertise. The purpose of these types of services is intended to deliver high value to the company.

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Tax Services

Our expertise in tax and compliance matters, combined with our focus on strategic outcomes, allows us to cater to each client’s specific set of circumstances – whether they are entrepreneurs at early stage entities, owners of established closely held businesses or high net worth individuals. We help our clients achieve their business and personal financial goals by taking a proactive planning approach to minimize tax obligations, and by providing you the specific and relevant information to make educated planning decisions for the future.

Our tax professionals take an integrated and consultative approach to devising custom, high-quality tax strategies, leveraging M&J’s 100 years of practical business experience. We listen and respond!

  • Estate and gift planning
  • Entity structure analysis
  • International tax issues
  • Stock-based Compensation
  • Multi-state compliance
  • Federal and State tax credits
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Tax free exchange planning
  • Business and estate valuations
  • Business succession planning

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SALT Services

Multi-state business owners may be unsure of their tax obligations due to the continuously evolving state tax landscape.  Income taxes, Non-income based taxes (Activity Taxes, Gross Receipts, Franchise Taxes), and Sales tax can all have different nexus requirements. While a business may be required to file Franchise and Sales tax returns, they may not have to file an income tax return in the same state. Learn more about how our Specialty Tax practice can help you.

Going Further

An integrated service approach that considers your individual needs and the profitability of your business makes sense.  As your business advisor and accountant, Mauldin & Jenkins’ services and expertise allow you to focus on growing your business and achieving your financial goals.

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