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At M&J, we focus on employee growth and learning. This provides everyone the opportunity to be who you are and get where you want to be.

Investing in YOU

We offer a competitive salary and the opportunity for advancement. At M&J, we do not ask you to give up your personal life for your career. We encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing you with the tools, compensation, and benefits to achieve a high quality of life. 

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Paid Holidays

M&J observes and provides nine paid holidays.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Flexible Spending Account

M&J offers both Dependent Care FSAs and Healthcare FSAs. These can be used for employees to reimburse themselves for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Disability Insurance

M&J offers their employees two types of disability coverage through Mutual of Omaha; Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Travel Bonus

A benefit will be paid to every employee that exceeds twelve nights of overnight travel. Employees will earn $25 per night for each night out of town.

Mauldin & Jenkins

401(K) Plan

M&J offers employees the option between two 401(K) plans through Fidelity; Regular and Roth. M&J will match 50% of the first 6% of your contribution.

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Discretionary Paid Time Off

Discretionary PTO is an all-purpose time-off policy. It combines traditional vacation and sick leave plans into one flexible, paid time-off policy. Team members are provided the flexibility to take the time off they need so that they are at their peak performance.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Paid Parenting Leave & Phased Return To Work

M&J offers any employee that has recorded at least 1,200 hours during the 12-month period prior to request to take up to 80 hours of parenting time in the event the parent/employee or spouse has a baby or adopts a child.

Mauldin & Jenkins

CPA Exam Reimbursement & Bonus

The Firm pays the application and exam fees, one time per part, as well as the license fee. Employees are also awarded a bonus upon completion of the full CPA exam.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Competitive Compensation

M&J offers competitive compensation for all employees based on location and experience.

Mauldin & Jenkins

Healthcare Coverage

M&J provides the healthcare coverage for all eligible employees. The Firm also offers four different plans to help employees choose the one that best suits their needs.

We all have something in common

Creating equality for everyone

A career you will be proud of

Mauldin & Jenkins provides their employees with the tools and support they need to reach their full potential. Our learning and development programs give associates the opportunity to work within a variety of industries and diverse service lines so they can make an informed and strategic decision about their career path.

In addition to on-the-job training, all new staff attend a week-long training course detailing audit procedures and tax policies. Throughout your career at M&J, staff will attend week-long training courses that correspond to their staff level. The classes include audit, tax, advisory, business, management, leadership, and soft-skill topics.  Depending on work assignments, you will also attend industry-specific training. We also provide advanced technology training each year.

Associate 360 Program

Mauldin & Jenkins’ Associate 360 Program is designed to allow our associates an opportunity to work within a variety of the Firm's industries and service lines.  M&J is fortunate to have a diversified service portfolio in our tax, assurance, and consulting and advisory practice areas spread across industries that include, but are not limited to, nonprofit, governmental, entrepreneurial services, and financial institutions. As a Firm, we understand the challenge many newly hired associates face as they navigate their career trajectory, and we are proud that our Associate 360 Program provides the experience needed to help make an educated career decision to ensure future success!

M&J’s 360 Program allows new and seasoned employees to connect and share knowledge and experiences. This provides personalized professional development training, which helps staff members reach their goals and feel connected to the firm. Whether you aspire to further your career in a specialized field or make Partner, at M&J you can always go further.

Grace Hoffman

Former Intern, Current Associate

"M&J's new 360 Associate Program has been an incredible experience. Through this program, my knowledge of all the different types of services we provide, as well as the various clientele with which we work, has grown exponentially. After being in the classroom for years learning about these different subjects, I was finally able to take a step into those industries. M&J does a great job of making sure all associates are well-rounded when it comes to the work experiences to which we are exposed. This program has definitely formalized that experience in a way that not many other firms can compare. After completing the 360 Associate Program, I have a better understanding of what I want to do in my career in public accounting."

Kelsey Goran

Former Intern, Current Associate

“I think the Associate 360 program is important because it allows new staff to get a feel for every niche at M&J in order to decide what area best works for you later on.”

Core Values

We embrace novelty of thought and welcome new ideas, seeing each situation through the eyes of a student. As we take in new information, we focus our objectives on the firm rather than the individual, institutionalizing our client service and practice. In doing so, we enable continual innovation that benefits all clients, supports ongoing growth, and protects the long-term security of the firm as well as the individuals who comprise it.

Our people represent our firm; therefore, we will work to attract and retain the best and brightest people, helping each one fulfill their professional potential. We know that our choices govern our firm’s growth and continued success; we are accountable and responsible for our work quality and financial performance. Through our work and our wise stewardship, we will sustain the multi-generational legacy of success.

We are committed to making an impact that extends well beyond the lives of clients we serve directly. Our service and leadership take many forms, but the objective remains constant: We give our time and talent to support our associates, communities, profession, academic institutions, and focus industries, always striving to help them grow and flourish for the common good.

We will consistently take actions that promote trust and integrity. We are committed to fair treatment for partners, associates, and clients, and we exercise prudent risk tolerance through effective risk management to protect those who honor us with their trust.

We are committed to meeting high performance standards that exceed expectations. In our daily work and our actions both large and small, we respect our firm’s history and culture by providing high quality professional service to our clients, while always serving the public interest.

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