Performance Audits

Partner and manager involvement varies among different firms.  At Mauldin & Jenkins, we believe it is important for our partners and managers to be highly involved in the audit process, including fieldwork.  We bring our experience to the field.  

New Technology

Mauldin & Jenkins is excited to be one of the first accounting firms in the Southeast to utilize an artificial intelligence tool as part of our audit process – the Ai Auditor from Mindbridge. The Ai Auditor allows for us to scan 100% of your transactions and provide new risk-based insights during the audit (such as anomalous transaction patterns found). These risk-based insights can be opportunities to correct mistakes or point to areas where there may be malicious activity.  As part of our audit methodology, AI systems are becoming what sampling used to be. Sampling was a coping mechanism for big data; the new coping mechanism for big data is Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the amount of data in the Entity increases, tools like these are more and more necessary to ensure we can provide you the highest quality audits and advice.         


  • 100% data analysis
  • Redefining reasonable assurance       
  • Identify risk, in seconds

The MindBridge Ai Auditor was selected as one of the top new products of 2018 by Accounting Today Magazine


     "The Achilles' heel of auditing has always been sampling —the inability to look at more than a portion of        the information available to the auditor. Advances in artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics        raise the possibility of incorporating more — and eventually all — of a company's data into the audit,            and for pioneering that, MindBridge Analytics' Ai Auditor is a Top New Product this year."

                                                                                                                       - Accounting Today Magazine

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