Outsourced Accounting & CFO Services

Your business is important to you, and you want to ensure its long term success and profitability. As your business grows, you may not have time to manage its day to day financials, and need expert insight to continue to exceed your goals.


Mauldin & Jenkins provides high-quality outsourced accounting and CFO services for growth-oriented businesses, letting them focus on what they do best without worrying about keeping track of complicated financials. Whether we're helping clients plan their long-term accounting processes or working alongside them to develop dynamic financial dashboards, our solutions are tailored to meet each clients' unique needs and goals.

Our team has the financial expertise needed to help you conquer any challenges your company may encounter and make decisions with a clear, simplified financial view. We strive to better understand each client’s unique needs and create a custom plan to monitor your organization's financial position. Our services scale with you, from monthly bookkeeping to a fully outsourced CFO. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounting Software Advisory
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Virtual Controller/CFO
  • Tax Preparation

Outsourced Accounting

Whether we can assist you by shaping strategic financial solutions that align with your program goals, or by tactically providing dynamic dashboards which will help your key stakeholders optimize decisions by knowing what they need to know when they need to know it, or simply delivering essential accounting office functions efficiently, our people and the solutions they provide, are tailored to meet your unique needs and long-term goals. Whatever your industry, our team will help you navigate financial decisions and plan for success  for the long run via our innovative outsourced accounting solutions.

cfo & controllership services

Do you need more accounting and financial resources? Need more financial insight from a trusted professional but don’t want to add a full time employee? Mauldin & Jenkins offers a range of outsourced CFO & controller advisory services to help supplement and enhance your financial processes. Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs, from short-term budget and forecasting assistance to providing a fractional CFO. Avoid unneccesary costs and headcount while ensuing your finances are in top form. When you’re ready for a full-time CFO, we’ll also help transition the processes efficiently, making this transition seamless.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your financials clear and easy to navigate.

CFO Navigator-Combined-gold

We provide financial guidance for growing businesses and nonprofits.

Taking your business to the next level requires moving beyond bookkeeping and simply counting to using your numbers to actively navigate your business. CFO Navigator guides organizations that are not ready for a full-time financial professional, but need more strategic insight.

Navigating the Numbers

Interpreting what they mean and communicating what’s important

  • CFO Navigator offers a powerful combination of financial insight and business foresight that simplify the numbers, clarify what is important and communicate – in plain English – which ones to watch to navigate the business and make better decisions.
  • CFO Navigator designs and builds scalable financial capabilities, knows the numbers inside and out, provides confidence that they are right, interprets what they mean and communicates what’s important; and when the time comes, will turn over the helm to a full time CFO.
  • CFO Navigator focuses on helping companies that have out grown their current financial capabilities and are ready to use their numbers to navigate the business and not just keep score.
  • CFO Navigator offers business owners an expert sounding board with an experienced outside perspective for assessing business opportunities and obstacles.

Navigating is all about getting where you want to go, not so much about reporting where you’ve been.

What is a CFO Navigator

Someone that knows your numbers inside and out, provides confidence that they are right, interprets what they mean and communicates what’s important.

A professional with the experience and leadership to help you through the growing pains of the ‘tween’ and ‘teen’ stage and get to the next level.

Someone with financial expertise who understands the numbers and provides you with the confidence to make critical business decisions.
An experienced business partner with an outside perspective to serve you as an expert sounding board.

A typical accountant, bookkeeper or CPA will only look in the rearview mirror and tell you where you have been, without any regard to where you are going. They focus on what has already happened, rather than understanding the numbers and using them to help you look forward.

Financial Ladder

Navigating a business by the numbers requires first, that a solid financial foundation be in place from which reliable financial insight can be obtained. We equate the financial foundation to the sturdiness of a ladder.


Consulting & Advisory Professionals