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In today’s volatile, increasingly competitive healthcare environment, experienced financial and accounting advice is a necessity. Mauldin & Jenkins’ industry expertise helps you achieve your performance goals and serve the senior living and aging populations. For decades, our dedicated healthcare specialists have provided the highest level of responsiveness and proactive involvement to ensure our healthcare clients’ success.

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Nursing Facility Billing Consulting

Mauldin and Jenkins’ billing staff has experience dealing with the unique and complex issues of collections. The focus of our billing department is to help you collect all the funds available to you.  Our staff is available to fill the gaps in your billing office when you have absences and turnover.

Receivable and General Ledger Outsourcing

M&J has many years’ experience in recording, tracking, and collecting nursing home accounts receivable. Using industry specific software, we can record your entire revenue cycle, including detailed aging of each resident all the way through the posting of collections. We electronically submit Medicaid and Medicare claims for the timeliest collection possible. We also provide monthly statements for the private pay portions of your receivables. Whether you wish to outsource your entire receivable function, or a portion such as Medicare billing, we can tailor a solution that will meet your needs and enhance your cash flow.

Employee Benefit Audits

Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in dealing with ERISA regulations, and the complexities of financial reporting and auditing requirements of employee benefit plans.  We can provide you with the confidence that you have engaged professionals with the technical expertise to minimize your fiduciary risk.

Audit Services

M&J has 100 years’ experience providing auditing, accounting, and tax services. Our auditing staff is highly qualified to perform your facility’s financial audit, including requirements specific to government owned and not for profit entities. Our experience in the health care industry allows us to perform your audit in a cost-effective manner, as well as to offer industry specific management advice. Learn more about our assurance services.

Medicare and Medicaid Cost Report Preparation Services and Representation in Intermediary Audits

Our team of professionals are specifically trained to prepare your nursing home, home health, and hospice cost reports.  We are dedicated to helping you comply with the reporting requirements, as well as maximize your allowable reimbursement. Our many years of experience in assisting with intermediary audits or appeals will give you the confidence that you will receive the most experienced representation available.

Reimbursement Consulting

Our expertise in maximizing opportunities within the regulatory system can be your valued resource.  Services available to you include evaluation of the impact on reimbursement for planned capital expenditures such as equipment purchases, plant improvements and relocations, as well as analysis of the effect on reimbursement rates when there are regulatory changes.

Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Corporate, individual, partnership, trust, and estate tax planning services are an important part of your organization’s future.  Our experienced professionals will work with you to develop long range plans, as well as prepare your annual income tax returns. Learn more about our tax planning services.

Cybersecurity Services

Each one of your clients deserves assurance that the private and sensitive data they entrust to you is secure. At Mauldin & Jenkins, we are committed to providing you with tangible and comprehensive Cybersecurity Services to help ensure your security measures are in place. Learn more about our full range of Cybersecurity Services.

Cybersecurity should be an important and amplifying component of an organization’s risk management. To better address these risks, the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act (CEA) of 2014 updated the role of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to include identifying and developing cybersecurity risk frameworks for voluntary use by critical infrastructure owners and operators. NIST was charged with identifying a prioritized flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach, including information security measures and controls that may be voluntarily adopted to help organizations identify, assess and manage cybersecurity risks. 

Under the CEA, the development of NIST’s cybersecurity framework has continued evolving, and on April 16, 2018, NIST released version 1.1 of its “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” (the “Framework” or “NIST Cybersecurity Framework”).

We use this framework to evaluate an organization's cybersecurity efforts and identify deficiencies, gaps, or other weaknesses that may exist in the Governance, Risk, or Compliance Control environment.

An External Penetration Test serves to identify additional external vulnerabilities and weaknesses of an organization’s networks and computers.  We conduct our test in two phases. In the first phase, we act with limited knowledge of an organization’s external network, also known as a black box test.  We perform reconnaissance and information gathering using publicly available information about the organization. During the second phase, we use network information discovered during the first phase to perform port scanning, service enumeration, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation attempts.  

An Internal Penetration Test serves to validate the conclusions reached during the separate Vulnerability Assessment. Malicious actors can gain access to the internal network by remotely exploiting vulnerabilities on a client machine or by gaining physical access to a client machine or network access point.  We conduct an Internal Penetration Test on an organization’s internal network, behind its firewall(s) and other perimeter defense mechanisms. An internal penetration test is a realistic assessment of an organization’s information security controls and incident response procedures, and tests the organization’s ability to defend its critical data from a malicious attacker already on its internal network.  Our goal is to gain administrative access to an organization’s network by identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities on the organization’s network devices.

We utilize widely adopted penetration testing methodologies that include information gathering, service enumeration, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation.

Our Vulnerability Assessments identify vulnerabilities that could present security risks to the organization.  We perform independent, detailed vulnerability scans of the organization’s servers, workstations, and other network devices.  We look for known exposures on the computers and network devices, including missing patches, insecure configurations, and Trojan horse programs. 

When combined with other technical attacks, social engineering is the most successful way to compromise an organization’s network. 

Our Social Engineering procedures allow the Organization to test the effectiveness of its firewall, intrusion prevention system, other technical controls, and its employee security awareness. We work with the appropriate level of leadership to plan and execute social engineering campaigns using a pre-determined combination of spear-phishing, websites with “malicious” payloads, documents with embedded “malicious” code, and/or other client-side exploits.

HITRUST Authorized External Assessors, such as Mauldin & Jenkins, are critical to helping you uphold information security and privacy standards for your organization. As an Authorized External Assessor, we serve as a key component in helping your organization adopt the HITRUST CSF, a comprehensive security framework that addresses the multitude of security, privacy, and regulatory challenges facing organizations in various industries of varying size and complexity in order to comply with healthcare (HIPAA, HITECH), third-party (PCI, COBIT), governments (NIST, FTC), and other industry-specific regulations and standards. Let us begin helping you achieve your security and privacy goals.

Mauldin & Jenkins has a dedicated team of HITRUST Certified CSF Practitioners that have the proven experience needed to assist your organization with information security and privacy requirements. We will help you streamline the compliance process while simultaneously guiding you toward best practices to meet your goals.

Property Tax Compliance & Returns

Property tax can create an unnecessary financial drain on a business, limiting profitability and exposing your company to excess risk. Mauldin & Jenkins tax team helps you save money by avoiding overpayment of property taxes and ensuring complete, timely compliance with all applicable tax authorities.

Are you paying too much in property tax for inventory and materials, business personal property, business-owned real property or commercial properties? Many businesses aren’t even aware that they are overpaying because of inaccurate valuations or duplicate assessments on a single asset. They may even be paying taxes each year on real property that should be exempt from taxation. 

Is this happening to your business? Maybe. Would you know how to stop the problem if it was? Probably not, because property tax laws are complex, confusing and rapidly evolving in many jurisdictions. But confusing or not, compliance is essential as the penalties for late, incomplete or inaccurate property tax returns can pose a serious financial threat to your business.

Don’t let an excessive tax burden or penalties and interest limit your company’s profitability. You don’t have to neglect your business to take a deep dive into property tax law — just turn to the tax professionals at Mauldin & Jenkins. Whether it’s identifying tax savings opportunities or keeping you in compliance without diverting your attention from urgent business priorities, we offer the comprehensive expertise and services you need to effectively manage property taxes: 

  • Establishing fair market value based on current market data and property review
  • Evaluating annual assessments for accuracy and savings opportunities
  • Filing appeals and representing your interests before local tax boards
  • Forecasting tax liabilities prior to expansion, development or purchase of new properties
  • Identifying tax-exempt and non-taxable properties and assets
  • Integrated review of business assets for federal, state and local property valuations
  • Monitoring changes to state, county and local tax policy that can affect your business
  • Pursuing reassessments, exemptions and savings opportunities with tax authorities
  • Reviewing accounting and records to identify issues that can lead to excess taxation

Going Further

Growing your facility is a key priority. Thinking more strategically and leveraging knowledge about industry trends, process improvement, expansion, and controls may help position you for long-term growth. Our methods of providing audit, tax, and compliance services do more for our clients than just meet the requirements. Since the beginning, our goal has been to build relationships through commitment, quality and dedication to our clients.

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