Transportation & Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry brings the world together and makes it look easy—but easy it’s not. Mauldin & Jenkins understands that keeping your business moving forward means maximizing efficiency in everything you do, from warehousing and scheduling to data management and tax planning. Count on us for smart solutions that keep you on track to achieve your objectives.

Finding the Best Route

Avoiding pitfalls is tough when your business—and your industry—have so many moving parts. Keeping up with regulatory, economic and technological changes is critical for every business in the transportation and logistics industry, whatever your niche. Mauldin & Jenkins brings the latest insights and strategies so you can focus on running your business, confident that you’re one step ahead of the crowd. And with offices in key transportation hubs like Savannah, Atlanta, and Georgia’s inland port, our knowledgeable T&L professionals have you covered whether you’re problem-solving today or planning for tomorrow.

  • Long haul trucking
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Agricultural carriers
  • Break of bulk
  • Cargo consolidators
  • Distribution & Warehousing
  • Municipal and state transportation
  • Oil & Gas transport
  • Terminal Management

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Your accounting and advisory needs are as complex as your industry, but the right partner can help you find the clarity you need. Mauldin & Jenkins offers a full slate of services to help you get your business where you want to take it.

  • Audit & Assurance
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Business advisory services
  • Succession planning
  • Federal, state and local tax compliance
  • IT and Cybersecurity consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Multi-state and international tax compliance
  • Outsourced CFO
  • Tax credit consulting and documentation
  • Tax planning

Going Further

In an industry that’s evolving rapidly, success depends on access to the right information—right away. Mauldin & Jenkins is a trustworthy partner you can count on to bring you the insights you need for timely action that helps you compete and thrive in today’s fast-paced world.