Financial Statement Preparation & Compilation Engagements, Review & Audit

At Mauldin & Jenkins, we have over 100 years of expertise performing Financial Statement Preparations, Compilation Engagements, Reviews, & Audits. Each service provides varying levels of assurance.


Financial statement preparation is primarily intended for personal use. This information provides you with the current financial standing of your business.

It is important to note that “no assurance is provided” because your statements have been prepared directly from the information you have provided. Thus, the accuracy is not verified and no formal report is required.


Our team of experts issues reports based on information provided by your business’s management. We make it easy for you to identify patterns or potential issues.

Compilation is typically used when lower amounts of financing or credit are sought. CPAs must disclose their independence.


A review involves issuing a formal report disclosing whether or not we have found any modifications that need to be made so that the business remains in accordance with financial reporting laws.

A review is typically requested when a business grows and needs more complex levels of credit.


Our team of auditors has the extensive industry knowledge needed to provide outside parties with the highest level of assurance that your business’s financial statements are accurate.

Audits are required when businesses are seeking complex financing or outside investors.

We issue a formal report covering all aspects of your financial statements and whether or not they are reported accurately and fairly.