Professional Services

Mauldin & Jenkins provides assurance, tax, and advisory services to a variety of professional service firms. We partner with firms and their owners to coordinate tax strategies. Our hands on business adviser approach benefits our clients as they grow their practices and navigate through compliance and business issues.

Assurance Services

In today’s environment, a quality audit can prepare you to better manage the risk associated with a myriad of issues you may encounter such as building and sustaining a strong financial foundation, pursuing various financing options and strategic transaction alternatives, and implementing and sustaining business policies and procedures, to name a few. Learn more about our assurance services.

Tax Services

Our expertise in tax and compliance matters, combined with our focus on strategic outcomes, allows us to cater to each client’s specific set of circumstances – whether they are entrepreneurs at early stage entities, owners of established closely held businesses, or high net worth individuals. We help our clients achieve their business and personal financial goals by taking a proactive planning approach to minimize tax obligations, and by providing you the specific and relevant information to make educated planning decisions for the future. Learn more about our tax services.

Property Tax Compliance & Returns

Property tax can create an unnecessary financial drain on a business, limiting profitability and exposing your company to excess risk. Mauldin & Jenkins tax team helps you save money by avoiding overpayment of property taxes and ensuring complete, timely compliance with all applicable tax authorities.

Are you paying too much in property tax for inventory and materials, business personal property, business-owned real property or commercial properties? Many businesses aren’t even aware that they are overpaying because of inaccurate valuations or duplicate assessments on a single asset. They may even be paying taxes each year on real property that should be exempt from taxation. 

Is this happening to your business? Maybe. Would you know how to stop the problem if it was? Probably not, because property tax laws are complex, confusing and rapidly evolving in many jurisdictions. But confusing or not, compliance is essential as the penalties for late, incomplete or inaccurate property tax returns can pose a serious financial threat to your business.

Don’t let an excessive tax burden or penalties and interest limit your company’s profitability. You don’t have to neglect your business to take a deep dive into property tax law — just turn to the tax professionals at Mauldin & Jenkins. Whether it’s identifying tax savings opportunities or keeping you in compliance without diverting your attention from urgent business priorities, we offer the comprehensive expertise and services you need to effectively manage property taxes: 

  • Establishing fair market value based on current market data and property review
  • Evaluating annual assessments for accuracy and savings opportunities
  • Filing appeals and representing your interests before local tax boards
  • Forecasting tax liabilities prior to expansion, development or purchase of new properties
  • Identifying tax-exempt and non-taxable properties and assets
  • Integrated review of business assets for federal, state and local property valuations
  • Monitoring changes to state, county and local tax policy that can affect your business
  • Pursuing reassessments, exemptions and savings opportunities with tax authorities
  • Reviewing accounting and records to identify issues that can lead to excess taxation

Advisory Services

As the world changes, so must business operations and delivery models in order to remain relevant and adapt to customer and employee expectations. Our advisory professionals have industry-specific insight into best practices and lessons learned that can help evolve current practices of today into leading practices of tomorrow. We help clients define and achieve their objectives through Strategy, Transformation, Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness, and Performance Management services. Learn more about our advisory services.

Going Further

Our focus will always be on you and your needs. And, when we keep the focus on you, we are compelled to dig deeper -- to get to know you better, to understand your goals and strategies, to understand the challenges and opportunities you face, to understand the nuances of your business and industry, and the priorities of your stakeholders. We view our role as a proactive one — providing support and seeking to help you address challenges and uncover opportunities. At the end of the day, it’s about helping you feel confident in the strategic actions you take and the decisions you make.