Business Valuation Services

If you own a business, want to protect your wealth, or determine how much an asset is worth, you will at some point need professional valuation services. This will extend beyond the more traditional assurance services. They involve much more in-depth consultations on topics such as business succession planning, evaluating various performance standards of a business, exit strategy and analysis, and many other areas in which we can share our expertise. The purpose of these types of services is intended to deliver high value to you or your company.

Business Valuation is a widely used practice that can play a key role in helping you achieve your financial goals. It is a complex process requiring broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and business, expert utilization of recognized valuation methodologies, and diligent adherence to professional standards. Our business valuation professionals, who hold specialized valuation certifications including Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), can give you the answer.



Our services are designed to help you define and implement strategies that give you more control over your business’ future. We can help you with:

  • Strategic & general business planning
  • Succession/exit strategy consulting
  • Merger/acquisition & expansion financing
  • Buy-sell agreements & business valuation issues
  • Litigation support
  • Provide expert witness testimony
  • Assist with IRS examinations
  • Estate and gift tax valuations
  • Fair Value Reporting
  • Complex Financial Instrument
  • Impairment Testing
  • Valuation Disputes
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Transaction Support
  • Alternative Investment Services
  • Tangible Assets
  • Business Analytics


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