As public entities, governments and their agencies must wisely steward limited taxpayer resources while also attaining important goals that benefit stakeholders, maintaining robust organizations and adapting to shifting priorities, budgets and regulatory frameworks. Our experienced Government Advisory team helps governments, governmental agencies and quasi-governmental organizations balance fiscal responsibility with the latest business strategies to achieve targeted and overarching objectives. 

Four Pillars of Excellence

Mauldin & Jenkins governmental advisory
Mauldin & Jenkins governmental advisory

Change is never easy. Done well, however, any temporary discomfort quickly gives way to an appreciation of new success. Our experienced organizational transformation team can help you align your approach and process with institutional needs and goals, easing the inevitable
hurdles and reaping the rewards of a more effective organization at every level.

“That’s how we’ve always done it.” But could there a better way?
Innovation matters as much in government as in private business. We help you take a fresh look at your strategies, processes and resource management to uncover opportunities for beneficial transformation. We will bring private sector methods to your public sector motives.

With shifting priorities and ever-changing budgets, it is harder than ever for government entities to take a long-range approach to planning. We help you see through the fog on the horizon and prepare for what is coming next, so you can better anticipate future needs, adapt to changes and position your organization for success over the long term.

Government often suffers from a reputation for cumbersome layers of bureaucracy that impede effective management. We show you how to overcome inherent barriers and innovate management style for a more agile, responsive and engaged approach. 

In a world of possibility, where should your organization focus for maximum impact? How can you accomplish these goals efficiently, using the fiscal, human and technology resources allotted for the task? We help you establish and refine goals as well as the best strategies to achieve them.

With technology changing so fast, it is imperative for government entities to look closely before taking the leap. We help you discover the right tools for the job and analyze how to implement them for maximum impact and value

Having a defined and agreed-upon vision for the organization is critical.  Ensuring that all services and activities support the organizations' vision is also critical.  We will help you define where you want to be in the future and help ensure that your services and budgets appropriately support your desired vision.

Often there are multiple options for achieving similar results.  We will help you model various options, and assess the feasibility of each to ensure your path forward is the right one.

Mauldin & Jenkins governmental advisory

Change is never easy. Done well, however, any temporary discomfort quickly gives way to an appreciation of new success. Our experienced organizational transformation team can help you align your approach and process with institutional needs and goals, easing the inevitable hurdles and reaping the rewards of a more effective organization at every level.

Whether your organization is public-facing or focused on a specific niche, we will help you establish stronger relationships by creating a more positive customer experience, facilitate rewarding interactions, and meet the often-competing needs of all stakeholder groups. 

How your organized hierarchy impacts operations and workflow.  We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” organizational structure, and will review your established goals and objectives to create a reporting structure that best aligns with accomplishing your mission.

Who benefits from your organization’s efforts? Are you delivering services with the maximum impact possible? We help you analyze goals and processes to ensure your hard work is paying off with the most value for stakeholders.

Utilizing human resources for maximum impact depends on awareness. Workforce and skills gap analysis from Mauldin & Jenkins helps you assess skills in the context of current and emerging needs, so you know what is possible today as well as what you need to fulfill tomorrow’s challenges. 

Mauldin & Jenkins governmental advisory

We help you analyze operational expenditures and related outputs to determine cost per function and/or activities.  We bring global leading practices and operations and technology to help you achieve your desired results in a less expensive manor.  The end result?  A better bottom line where every dollar goes to support performance and organization value. 

From roles to the review process, you want everything your organization does to be both effective and efficient. Mauldin & Jenkins helps you revamp and refine, giving you the confidence that can only come from knowing you are making the most of every effort and all the resources with which you are entrusted. An objective eye can often identify opportunities and barriers that remain invisible to those on the inside. We offer an objective analysis of your organization’s operations, finances, technology, and human resources to discover both risks and opportunities, along with innovative solutions that help you take it to the next level.

You know the goals, you have the funding in place. How will you implement your new or existing program to ensure the most bang for the taxpayer’s buck? The optimal path is not always the obvious one; our program design consultants can help you deliver the results you want while leveraging available resources wisely. 

When revenue derives from multiple sources, determining the ideal avenues for revenue enhancement can be tricky. We can help you to maximize current revenue sources through budgetary compliance and fee assessments.  We will also conduct a revenue source scan to identify gaps in your organization’s revenue stream/sources.

Mauldin & Jenkins governmental advisory

When funds are limited and needs many, utilizing financial resources for maximum impact is critical. Mauldin & Jenkins helps you maximizing current revenue sources, identifies new revenue sources, and creates budgets that make the most of what is available. We are well versed in implementing performance-based budgeting and zero-based budgeting to maximize budget management.

When taxpayer money is at stake, clear accounting and transparency are more important than ever. We show you how to establish and maintain accounting systems for increased visibility that allows better management, decision making, and accountability.

Does your institutional data reveal new opportunities or vulnerability to unseen threats? Our data specialists use sophisticated tools and techniques to help you uncover patterns that offer new insights to inform decisions and better manage operations.

Are you leaving money on the table? Government agencies are often unaware of funding opportunities that could support them in meeting stakeholder needs. We can help you discover appropriate sources, navigate competitive application and awards processes, maximize programmatic spend and indirect cost recovery, and administer grant funds properly, so you don not risk losing funds or incur penalties.

Without regular assessments of internal controls, your organization runs the risk of poor performance, noncompliance with regulations or even fraud or abuse. Trust us for a comprehensive evaluation of internal controls and compliance, so you can identify and correct potential issues before they lead to problems. Our internal audit approach is proactive, strategically helping your organization mitigate risk before events occur.

Knowing where you stand and how to measure progress allows organizations to achieve more and remain focused on first priorities. We help you create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for programs, people and processes, so you can gauge progress and focus on the results that matter.

Despite good intentions and adequate resources, plans and projects can get mired down or suffer from inefficient project management. Let us show you how to streamline performance and improve results through enhanced project management. We will help you create a project management function based on leading project management criteria such a PMBOK.  

Having accurate and real-time access to data is critical for effective management and decision making.  We will help your organization track and report necessary data needed to properly evaluate results. 


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