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What our incoming interns enjoyed most about jumpstart 2023

JumpStart 2024

The JumpStart program is a fully funded experience for incoming Interns and Associates at Mauldin & Jenkins. JumpStart offers an exciting opportunity for our candidates to connect, engage, and gain deeper insights into our firm and its culture.





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"I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet others that I will be interning with. It gives me the chance to be connected with them early, that way we can have a nice and enjoyable first day of the internship!" - 2023 Attendee


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Mauldin & Jenkins
Mauldin & Jenkins
Mauldin & Jenkins

Accounting Experience

It is real-world learning that shows you accounting careers beyond the classroom; professional development sessions include our staff and partners as well as students like you


Join us at JumpStart, where you will have a chance to socialize and network with M&J staff and partners across all of our regional offices!

Travel & Accomodations

Mileage reimbursement and hotel accommodations are covered by the firm

Come with a positive attitude and leave with new friends and professional contacts, plus a whole new understanding of why a career in accounting is a great choice for your future.

"I enjoyed the escape room because I had the opportunity to get to know more interns and work with them in a competitive setting. It helped me gain more teamwork skills." - 2022 Attendee

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"The escape room allowed everyone to get to know each other while having fun at the same time." - 2022 Attendee

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