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A Message from Mauldin & Jenkins

Dear Client,

In this time of growing concern surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure our clients that Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC is prepared with its business contingency and continuity plan.

We continue to closely monitor developments and prepare to quickly respond and adapt so we can seamlessly maintain operations and service to our clients. In the event of an office closure or additional disruption, we operate within a technology environment with systems and procedures that enable our employees to efficiently and effectively provide client service remotely. Our technology solutions are in a secured environment that will ensure uninterrupted services for our clients. Our phone system is fully integrated with our email system providing immediate delivery of voicemail messages to email inboxes. Furthermore, our remote access ensures the same cybersecurity protections as our system.

In the instance that you request M&J personnel on-site, our teams have been advised to consult with you regarding health guidelines they need to follow. We are tailoring our approach to meet clients’ specific needs, but ask that you allow our team to work remotely if at all possible for the health and wellbeing of everyone in accordance with CDC recommendations.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your relationship partner. We will continue to provide the level of assistance and attention to which you have become accustomed, while protecting the health and safety of all our employees and their families as well as you and your family throughout this period of uncertainty. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please be sure to check our website., for further information and for updates regarding the tax filing extension.


A Message from Mauldin & Jenkins Mauldin & Jenkins

Hanson Borders, Managing Partner