Stimulus Consulting

During these unprecedented times, you need advisors you can trust. At Mauldin & Jenkins, we will use our knowledge and expertise to help guide you, as a business owner or organization, to fully interpret all stimulus loan programs, including the Cares Act and Paycheck Protection Program. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way to determine your options and eligibility to get the stimulus you need to sustain and grow your business or organization.  

We want to help you navigate through the multiple funding options below, while seeking the relief you need and deserve. To learn more about a few of the funding options that may be available to you, please click below. In addition to the programs listed below, we are also able to identify additional funding options through new federal, state, and local relief programs.

Our expertise will help:

  • Successfully Obtain Funding
  • Simplify the Forgiveness Process
  • Reduce Compliance Burden 
  • Avoid Risk

Successfully Obtain Funding

  • We are here to help you understand your funding option(s) and pursue what makes the most sense for your business or organization. 
  • We can walk you through the application process from start to finish, or act as a resource for your questions along the way.

Simplify the forgiveness process

  • To aid you in the PPP Loan Forgiveness process, including the completion of the newly required application, please request a consultation today.
  • The PPP loan forgiveness process is complex. Our team of experts continue to stay current on all new and existing SBA guidelines and procedures which allows you to focus on your business during this stressful time. 

Reduce Compliance Burden

  • The CARES Act and the Stimulus Programs listed above have brought about some dramatic changes to the current tax environment. Our experts are ready to develop a framework to help you and your business remain in compliance while avoiding unnecessary penalties.
  • Our expertise includes using correct calculations and forecasting to maximize available funding and resources.

avoid risk

  • We can help you with a number of risk mitigation techniques to help ensure your business or organization stays in the best position possible for growth and stability during these times. 
  • In the midst of increasing levels of certification scrutiny, our experts will help you avoid liability and increased risk by reviewing your loan eligibility and ensuring your loan is made and kept in good faith.
  • Unfortunately, the current environment has caused a reduction in workforce. To avoid penalties at the state level, our team of experts can help you navigate through the unemployment claim process.


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