You are currently viewing Mauldin & Jenkins Recognized as one of AJC’s Top Places to Work

Mauldin & Jenkins Recognized as one of AJC’s Top Places to Work

We are excited to be named one of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Top Workplaces for 2019!!

For the 2019 rankings, 4,343 companies were nominated and asked to participate. Employees of 255 metro Atlanta companies were surveyed, resulting in 150 of those companies earning the title of “Top Workplace”. Any public, private, nonprofit or governmental employer with a minimum of 50 employees in metro Atlanta was eligible.

The survey is largely based on workplace culture and company leadership.

Here are a few things our employees liked about working at M&J:

“The work environment and corporate culture here is
beyond what I could have ever dreamed in all the best
ways. Communication between levels of all
employment is truly welcomed and I feel comfortable
conversing, asking questions, and brainstorming ideas
with upper levels of management.” 

“My flexible schedule and ability to work remotely for a
majority of my schedule. The people. The industries our
firm works with or focuses on.”

“The longevity of the company (its history) and the
stability that comes with that. Also, the people I work
with. It’s a great place to work!”

“Our senior leadership is really looking for new ways to
innovate and integrate new technology into the
workplace. They see how fast the world changes and
are prepared to change with it.”

“They cultivate people who are willing to work well with
integrity by rewarding them not only monetarily but
with good benefits and a work life concern. They treat
their employees as family, there is a personal feeling I
haven’t seen anywhere else.”

“They are constantly encouraging us young staff to
explore more into the accounting world and offer us
what resources we need. They are extremely helpful in
allowing time for CPA studying and empower us to
grow us young professionals.”

Thank you to all of our hard-working employees who made this happen!

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Mauldin & Jenkins Recognized as one of AJC's Top Places to Work Mauldin & Jenkins