Recruitment – Week 2

The first week of virtual recruitment has come to a close. We have loved meeting all of the ...
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Congratulations to Lacey Heath & Hope Pendergrass!

On behalf of our Women's Alliance, we would like to congratulate Lacey and Hope for being admitted as ...
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Recruitment Schedule – Week 1

We start our fall recruitment events this week. We cant wait to meet all of the students this ...
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Mauldin & Jenkins


ALL unwanted 2020 RMDs (required minimum distributions) can be returned (rolled back in) if done by August 31, ...
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unable to pay taxes

What happens if an individual can’t pay taxes

While you probably don’t have any problems paying your tax bills, you may wonder: What happens in the ...
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stress testing your business

3 steps to “stress test” your business

During the COVID-19 crisis, you can’t afford to lose sight of other ongoing risk factors, such as cyberthreats, ...
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outsourcing HR tasks

4 HR tasks that you may want to outsource

For some employers, particularly small businesses, HR practices can evolve slowly and even haphazardly. This creates risk, as ...
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5 good reasons to turn down an inheritance

You may use a qualified disclaimer to refuse a bequest from a loved one. Doing so will cause ...
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grants for nonprofits

Should your nonprofit accept that new grant?

Current financial pressures mean that your not-for-profit probably can’t afford to pass up offers of support. Yet you ...
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covid-19 nanny tax

More parents may owe “nanny tax” this year, due to COVID-19

In the COVID-19 era, many parents are hiring nannies and babysitters because their daycare centers and summer camps ...
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financial results for a startup business

Forecasting financial results for a start-up business

There’s a bright side to today’s unprecedented market conditions: Agile people may discover opportunities to start new business ...
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affordable health insurance

Will your organization’s health insurance still be “affordable” next year?

The IRS recently announced 2021 indexing adjustments for some critical percentages under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This ...
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