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Amy O’Dell, Founder of Jacob’s Ladder Speaks at Atlanta Office Meeting

This week, the Atlanta office hosted its bi-annual meeting at the Georgian Club. The featured guest speaker was Amy O'Dell,  Founding Director of Jacob's Ladder, an accredited private school for students with neurological disorders. Following their core values of Hope, Truth, and Love, Jacob's Ladder has been able to serve thousands of children who have been diagnosed with a wide range of disorders, from Cerebral Palsy and learning disabilities to Autism and genetic disorders, and successfully advance their academic, social and physical development.

In addition to the two campuses located in Roswell, GA, and Atlanta, GA, Jacob's Ladder provides satellite services to students across the globe through a program known as "Pods of Care" (POC). When a family enrolls in POC, they travel to Roswell from their home country for their child to receive a formal evaluation. From there, the family will return home, and their child will continue to receive training and progress monitoring through conference calls, video review, and specific reporting mechanisms. Thus far, POC has been implemented in Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, Nigeria, India, Ethiopia, England, and Norway. Once a "pod" has been established, multiple students in that area may receive Jacob's Ladder therapy from a trained provider after undergoing an evaluation.

Jacob's Ladder has licensed specialists in the areas of occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Their mental health providers include licensed social workers, a licensed professional counselor, a consulting clinical psychologist who specializes in neurofeedback and brain-mapping, and a pediatric neurologist.

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