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September 2018: Procurement Requirements Now Effective for the Uniform Guidance (Including Recent Changes)
February 2019: Joel Black Named to the Government Auditing Standards Advisory Council (GASAC)
June 2019: The GDPR - A Year in Reflection
July 2019: GASB 91, Conduit Debt Obligations
August 2019: GASB 84, Fiduciary Activities
October 2019: GASB 84, Fiduciary Activities - Pensions and OPEB
February 2020: A Recent Twist in the Implementation of GASB 84
April 2020: GASB to Consider Postponing Effective Dates
April 2020: GASB Continues to Address Practice Issues Arising from COVID-19 Pandemic
May 2020: GASB Postpones Effective Dates of Certain Pronouncements
July 2020: OMB Issues M-20-26 Extension of Administrative Relief for Those Directly Impacted by COVID-19
August 2020: Coronavirus Relief Funds - GA OPB Launches New Website with FAQs
October 2020: Is Shifting to a Remote Audit Right for Your Organization?
Revenue Recognition for Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF)
Georgia Sales Tax Distributions Impacted by Audit in September 2020
IRS Releases New Guidance and Announces a PPP Safe Harbor Procedure
January 2021: Grants Management and Compliance - Keys to Success
April 2021: The Sun is Setting on LIBOR: Replacement of Interbank Offered Rates, the Impact on Hedge Accounting, and GASB Statement No. 93