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Leases (Topic 842) | Presented by: Jon Schultz and Stephen Doolittle

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Ask Anything: Remote Audits | Presented by: Bill Curtis

New COVID 19 Stimulus Package, Including PPP Round Two and New Tax Provisions | Presented by: Jeff Fucito, Ryan Inlow & Ron Marshall

Ask Anything: COVID-19. Be Prepared | Presented by: Jim Vaughn

PPP Loan Forgiveness Program | Presented by: Jeff Fucito, Kevin Hakes & Brian Cochcroft

Sales Tax Evolution: 2nd Anniversary of Wayfair | Presented by: Jeff Dorris, CPA & Matt West, MA of

Ask Anything: Allowance Calculations | Presented by: Alison Wester & Kris Trainor

Navigating Employment Issues and the Coronavirus - What To Do and Not To Do | Presented by: Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP in Partnership with Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC

Paycheck Protection Program | Presented by: Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP in Partnership with Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC

Sales Tax and Your Georgia Agribusiness | Presented by: Jeff Dorris

Remember That? A Review of Relevant Tax Topics. Episode 1: The State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction Cap and State Tax Credit Programs | Presented by: William Birmingham

Fiduciary Activities- GASB 84 | Presented by: Joel Black & James Bence

White paper

The coronavirus pandemic introduced a slew of new tax credits, tax breaks, and assistance programs for businesses in 2020 and 2021. But how many of these tax incentives are still around in 2022?

Below we have summarized over a dozen tax credits that business owners should consider when tax planning this year. These credits can help you get back on your feet if you’re struggling, but they can do so much more than that. With a little bit of preparation, these tax credits can send you further down your path to success by eliminating pitfalls and helping you optimize your financial wellbeing.

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