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Our expertise in community financial institutions is unique, and by sharing this expertise through our client relationships, we create added value.

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Opinion Audit Services & Consultation

Mauldin & Jenkins is committed to compliance with all audit requirements and standards, and we emphasize providing audit services that add value for our clients. Audit standards require auditors to be engaged by and report directly to the Board of Directors and/or Audit Committee. We enhance the value of the audit by maintaining an open line of communication with management, the Board and the Audit Committee for key accounting and auditing issues. Our annual audit includes an allocation of advisory time for management, the Audit Committee or the Board. This allows our professionals to consult on questions concerning the audit without added costs. Our audits are further enhanced by:

Internal Auditing, Controls & Procedures Services

Today’s corporate accountability culture demands that companies establish and maintain effective systems of internal accounting and financial reporting controls, effective testing and reporting on system compliance. Outsourcing can be an effective way to meet this level of accountability. Mauldin & Jenkins offers: Internal Control Consulting Services – Mauldin & Jenkins works with more than 200 community financial institutions annually, and has the expertise to tailor our service to your financial institution’s needs. Internal Audit Services – Our experienced financial institution auditors spend 100 percent of their time serving this industry. Experience means internal audits are completed quickly, but thoroughly, with minimal disruption to your business.

Business Advisory Services

Our service to financial institution clients does not stop with traditional audit services. Mauldin & Jenkins provides added value through our advisory services, including:

Mauldin & Jenkins’ extensive financial institution expertise represents a pool of resources that allows us to tailor these services to meet your specific institution’s needs. This expertise assures you that the work is performed efficiently and with limited disruption to your operations. The efficiencies gained by the use of experienced financial institution auditors are passed along to the client in the form of competitive prices. Mauldin & Jenkins’ services are structured specifically to accomplish your audit committee or senior management team’s objectives at cost effective prices. At Mauldin & Jenkins, we have more than 95 years of experience providing audit, tax and advisory services to community financial institutions. We understand compliance, audit requirements, tax planning strategies and more. Our methods and unparalleled communication add value to our clients’ audits, and ultimately, their business.