Manufacturers and distributors today face significant challenges. Increasing competition, continuous quality improvement demands, excessive regulation, and rising labor and benefits costs are squeezing profit margins. Excessive debt or corporate liquidity constraints may limit your ability to react to market shifts. When resources are strained, complex management issues—from information technology to tax planning, from financial analysis to productivity management—require cost-effective solutions and expert counsel.

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Manufacturing & Distribution Services

IC-DISC Federal Tax

Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC is committed to being a resource of experienced professionals who know manufacturing and distribution. Our service teams bring together audit, tax, and consulting specialists with manufacturing and distribution expertise. They get to know your management team and the specific issues affecting your business.

We can help you meet challenges head-on. New ideas and ventures can be transformed into new opportunities and innovative solutions that help your business grow.

Success in a changing environment is a challenge to today’s manufacturing and distribution industry.